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Straighter Teeth in Six Months

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? Not many people are born with aligned teeth. Most people are born with some level of crookedness that they wish they could correct, whether on their top teeth, their bottom teeth, or both! You would be amazed at how much a straight smile can really improve your look. With Six Month Smiles®, we can get you a beautiful, straight smile in no time. Imagine: just six months from now you could have the smile of your dreams. So why wait? What is Six Month Smiles? Six Months Smiles is a type of accelerated braces that gently reposition your teeth into a more desirable alignment. […]

6-Month Smiles vs. Traditional Braces

6-Month Smiles Right For You?

The emergence of new dental technologies has replaced the need for the traditional and longer method of braces. Of course this new treatment is exciting and a huge relief for many, especially adults that don’t want to look quite so juvenile, but as with many new technologies the questions remain, is it worth sacrificing the proven success of the traditional wire and bracket for the quicker and faster 6-Month Smiles? Will they be as permanent? What is the difference between the two? Traditional braces can be applied to patients young and old. They are adjusted during appointments over a lengthy period of time and are very effective. 6-Month Smiles are […]

5 tips to save for cosmetic dentistry - columbus dental solutions

5 ways to save for cosmetic dental care

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile but thought cosmetic dental care was out of your reach? Dental Solutions of Columbus is here to give you five ways you can start saving now to make your dream smile a reality. Not only will our tips help you save money, but we’ve also made them dental-friendly as well, so you get two birds with one stone. 1) Skip: Coffee | Try: Hot Water with Ginger Not only does coffee stain your teeth, but it pinches your wallet as well. Drinking one Starbucks speciality coffee a few times a week costs almost $1,000 every year! Instead, try switching up your morning […]

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