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Laser Dentistry Procedures: What You Need to Know

One of the greatest advancements in modern dentistry is the innovative technique known as laser gum therapy. Laser dentistry is precise and effective, and it requires less recovery time than cutting out the tissue and repairing it with sutures. Laser therapy also minimizes bleeding, and since it is so precise in its application, it also protects the surrounding healthy tissue. Laser Gum Therapy At Dental Solutions of Columbus, our experienced dentists use first-rate technology to provide you with the best dental care available. One such application we use is known as LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. This is a non-surgical laser treatment option that can remove […]

Galileos 3D Dental Technology

Dental Technology – Terms to know before you go.

Being a dental patient can be overwhelming, we know. Everything from general anxiety to worries about cost and insurance can lead you to put off appointments (or even lose sleep!). On top of all that, there are a lot of terms and new technology thrown around with which you might not be familiar. The team at Dental Solutions of Columbus in Indiana is here to educate you and help prepare you for your dental appointment. Dental Solutions prides itself on being on the very cutting edge of dental technology and sharing the benefits of our knowledge with our patients. By the end of reading this post, you won’t be a […]

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