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5 ways to save for cosmetic dental care

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile but thought cosmetic dental care was out of your reach? Dental Solutions of Columbus is here to give you five ways you can start saving now to make your dream smile a reality. Not only will our tips help you save money, but we’ve also made them dental-friendly as well, so you get two birds with one stone.

1) Skip: Coffee | Try: Hot Water with Ginger

Coffee versus hot water Not only does coffee stain your teeth, but it pinches your wallet as well. Drinking one Starbucks speciality coffee a few times a week costs almost $1,000 every year! Instead, try switching up your morning ritual at home or work with a cup of warm water with ginger. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy mouth tissue. It also has digestive benefits, too!

2) Skip: Soda | Try: Fizzy Water

Soda versus fizzy water Sugary beverages like soda wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, leading to cavities or worse. Not to mention, the average family of four can save $500 every year by switching to water. If you can’t fight the craving for something bubbly, try store-brand flavored soda waters. They are much cheaper and still satisfy! Just make sure to avoid ones with phosphoric and citric acids, which can be bad for enamel. (image above right from Cre8tive Compass)

3) Skip: Tobacco | Try: Brisk Walking smoking versus walking

This one is really a no-brainer due to the numerous health AND financial benefits. Tobacco turns your teeth yellow, kills tastebuds, and is directly linked to cancers of the mouth. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United States is $5.51 according to The American Lung Association. A documented way to help kick the habit is to take a brisk walk instead whenever a craving hits. This will help get your endorphins up, improve lung health, AND doesn’t cost you a penny. For help quitting smoking, check out these resources on the American Dental Association’s website.

4) Skip: French Fries & Chips | Try: Celery & Cream Cheese

french fries versus celery Starchy foods such as potato chips and french fries easily get lodged in your teeth. Additionally, starches convert to sugar quickly. Salt also quickly dries out the mouth, leading to higher counts of bad-breath inducing bacteria. On top of all that, french fries cost around $1.50 on average per portion. A crunchy, healthy alternative (celery) costs a measly $.27 per serving and has numerous other health benefits. Celery is very fibrous and acts as a natural toothbrush, cleaning the surface of teeth and gums. Celery also stimulates saliva flow, which keeps bacteria at bay!

5) Skip: Movie Theatres | Try: Local Library

movies versus library It is very hard to hit up a movie theatre and NOT get salty popcorn and sugary soda. They are rough on teeth and cost a fortune! By the time you’ve bought movie tickets and snacks, you’re set back about $20 per person! A great alternative is to visit your local library and rent a movie. Most people don’t realize their local library has a great selection of films available at no cost! Plus, you’re not in danger of blowing cash at the concession stand. Maybe just a late fee now and then… If you have more questions about how you can afford Cosmetic Dental Care, reach out to our friendly staff at Dental Solutions of Columbus to learn about financing and payment plans.
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