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How to Stop Your Gums From Bleeding When You Floss

bleeding gums from brushing and flossing to aggressively

If you’re experiencing bleeding and inflamed gums while you floss, you’re not alone. It’s common, unpleasant, and may deter you from flossing daily. We absolutely get it. Let us tell you a bit more on why it might be happening and what you can do to stop the bleeding.

Floss Everyday

Dentists recommend that you floss at least once a day, but when that’s ignored, your teeth will harbor bacteria, which will build up plaque particularly between the teeth and near the gums. The more bacteria there is, the more inflamed your gums will be and thus cause bleeding. So if you haven’t flossed in a while or just beginning, it’s normal to see bleeding due to the bacterial build-up. Be sure to keep up with flossing daily and the bleeding should go away with consistency.

Be Gentle

Sometimes being too aggressive with your flossing can cause bleeding. When you enter between your teeth, make sure you’re using soft hands and then proceed to hug the floss to the side of one tooth and rub ever so slightly. Adding too much pressure doesn’t necessarily mean doing a more thorough job, but rather it can cause more damage like bleeding gums.

Treat Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that results in inflamed gums around the teeth. If you’re flossing into your inflamed gums, that may cause bleeding. Periodontitis is a more serious infection that impacts further into the roots of the teeth. But flossing when you have either can lead to bleeding. If you have any of these symptoms, visit us for a check-up. We offer a number of treatments for gum disease.

Healthy Gums at Dental Solutions of Columbus

If you are experiencing non-stop excessive bleeding, seek out emergency dental care immediately. Excessive loss of blood can potentially be life-threatening. Bleeding while flossing is a painful experience and at Dental Solutions of Columbus, we hope to help you navigate toward healthier gums and teeth. Please contact us at Dental Solutions of Columbus today so we can treat any dental concern as soon as possible. We’re ready to get your smile back to great health!

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