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What Are Bone Grafts & When Are They Necessary?

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Tooth replacement is always the best solution when tooth loss is caused by periodontal disease, injury, or another dental health issue. In some cases, patients may even opt for dental implants, which are safe, natural-looking, long-lasting tooth replacement solutions. But before some patients use a dental implant to resolve their dental issues, they may need a bone graft.

What Is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure performed to replace the missing bone with material from your body or a substitute. When new bone material is attached to an area where it is damaged or little existing, the bone tissue can regenerate to build up bone right where it is needed.

When Is a Bone Graft Necessary?

In cases like tooth loss, jawbone loss, or finding a tooth replacement solution, bone grafting can help create a solid base for a dental implant. By allowing our team to perform this oral surgery, areas in your mouth are replaced with a stronger base to increase the chances that the dental implant will be successful.

Do I Need a Bone Graft?

Most of the time, a bone graft is necessary when a patient wants to get implants, but the bone in the jaw is too weak. However, bone grafting can be avoided if restorative treatment for a damaged or missing tooth is performed right away!

By acting immediately, there is less likelihood of the natural bone deteriorating or becoming damaged. But, if you are experiencing:

  • Injury or trauma to the face
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Multiple missing teeth

Schedule an appointment with our team about bone grafting and suitable tooth replacement options!

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