Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

As parents, we understand how precious your child’s smile is to you. We think there are few sights that can lift your spirits more than the smile of a child, especially your own. When it comes to choosing a dentist for your child and his or her smile, here are some things we believe to be important:

  • Your child’s health is important. We care for the dental needs of patients young and old with a whole-body, total wellness approach.
  • Comfort is a biggie. We have a lot of experience with children so we know that we must help them feel at ease in our office and comfortable during treatment for them to be calm enough to get the care they need.
  • It is important to be sensitive. Everyone has hard days, but we know that children have different ways of coping than adults. We will tailor your child’s dental visit to what is needed at the time, whether that be a little more playfulness, a slower pace, or more explanation of what’s going on.
  • Knowledge is power. Children are like sponges, soaking up knowledge as they experience the world. When pediatric patients visit us, we take the time to recognize learning opportunities. Knowledge empowers any patient, and it especially helps children feel a part of their own dental care.
  • Children’s dentistry shouldn’t just focus on the child. The needs of the parents or guardians are important, too! We want to be the “dental home” for your whole family here in Columbus.

Going Above & Beyond for Your Child’s Safety

Child Dentistry - Dental Solutions of Columbus

At Dental Solutions of Columbus, we are proud to use DentaPure® to treat our waterlines. This purification cartridge ensures that the water in our office is sanitized and free from harmful bacteria. Our patients' health is always our priority, and with DentaPure, we can give parents peace of mind knowing that the water we use for dental procedures is clean and safe for their children.

When Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

Child Dentistry - Dental Solutions of Columbus

To help your child grow up feeling brave about visiting the dentist, it’s best to schedule the first appointment early. It is recommended that a baby’s first dental checkup be shortly after the first tooth comes in and preferably not later than the child’s first birthday. We understand that doesn’t always happen for every family, though, so don’t be embarrassed if you feel late in making your child’s first appointment. We’re happy to have you whenever you come in!

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Orthotropics for Better Health & Better Smiles

Did you know that jaw position can affect not only someone’s appearance but their health, too? If you notice that your child’s jaws are growing down and back rather than forward, it’s important to remedy this as soon as possible (preferably before the age of 10!). Left uncorrected, it could result in a number of issues with jaw joints, breathing, and facial structure down the road. We offer orthotropics as a solution and natural alternative to jaw surgery. To learn about how this strategy works and what its benefits are, visit our Orthotropics page!

Frenectomy 101

As far as the mouth is concerned, there are three different types of frenulums. For those unfamiliar with what a frenulum is, it’s a fold of tissue that serves to keep something (such as your tongue) from moving too much or overextending. In the case of your tongue, the frenulum is the tissue that connects the bottom of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Without it, your tongue would be hypermobile, and you could do things most people can’t like touching your chin or nose with your tongue. On the other end of the spectrum, people with a condition called ankyloglossia have a larger frenulum that restricts tongue movement and can make eating and talking difficult. Because of this, ankyloglossia is often referred to as being tongue-tied. While this condition could cause no issues and not require surgery, it can sometimes affect a baby’s ability to breastfeed, the future alignment of their teeth, and even cause speech and eating problems. When this is the case, a frenectomy may be required to give your child full functionality of their tongue. The procedure is simple and utilizes laser-technology to prevents the frenulum from continuing to constrict the tongue. The good news is that the procedure is incredibly short (typically around 20 minutes) and is stress-free. Your child can benefit from the new-found range of movement of their tongue. If your child is tongue tied, schedule a consultation with us today. We’ll help you fit the cost of the frenectomy procedure into any budget with our variety of financial options.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

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