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Correcting a Gummy Smile

If, when you smile, you think you see a little too much of your gums, you may have what’s known as a gummy smile. Gummy smiles are harmless, but many patients have concerns about the appearance of their smile. If it’s something you want to fix about your look, you’ve got options. Read on to learn what can be done about a gummy smile.

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What’s a “Gummy Smile?”

A gummy smile is characterized by excessive gingival display. In other words, you have got more of your gums showing than most people, or more than you’d like. There a variety of reasons why this might be true. The amount of gum seen could depend on the shape and/or size of the lips, the muscles in the face, the shape and/or size of the teeth, or the amount of gum tissue you’ve got. Typically, a gummy smile is just an aesthetic issue, though in cases it can be something more. In rare cases, the problem may signify a problematic bite or issues with jaw development.

Treatment Available At Dental Solutions of Columbus

If a gummy smile is bothering you, it’s something we can fix. Here at Dental Solutions of Columbus, we perform gum contouring, a method that remedies the excess gum development causing your gummy smile. With gum contouring, we can can reshape the gums, lifting the gum line, lengthening the look of your teeth, giving you a perfect smile.

The Importance of Gum Care

Whether or not a gummy smile is a problem for you, gum care is always imperative. Always be brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily to ensure your gums are nice and healthy, your whole mouth will thank you. And make sure you’re coming into our office twice a year so that our doctors can let you know that your gums are happy and healthy.

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