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Other Procedures You May Need Before Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a reliable solution for replacing missing or severely damaged teeth. Scheduling your dental implant appointment is usually straightforward, however, there are times when your doctor may decide that some preliminary procedures are necessary before the implant can be done.

Comprehensive Dental Examination

This is the first step. Be prepared to answer extensive questions about your medical background, supplements, medicines, and any other risk factors you may know. Your doctor will determine what procedures you may need before the implant process can begin.

If you’re found to have gum disease at this step, the doctor will treat that before moving forward. Healthy gums are integral to the success of implants.

Antibiotics Course

If the examination finds that you have a compromised immune system, then your doctor will likely prescribe a course of antibiotics both before and after the procedure. This will serve as a substitute immune system while you recover from the surgery.

While the surgery itself is safe, during recovery your body will be exhausted and vulnerable to infection from the healing wound. Be sure to give yourself adequate rest before and after the implantation procedure.

Bone Grafts

Sometimes the jaw isn’t thick enough or hard enough to endure the bite force placed upon it when an implant is installed. If this is the case, your doctor may do a bone graft to strengthen it. In other cases, bone and impacted teeth must be removed.

If a bone graft is needed, the doctor will perform this procedure first, and then perform the implant surgery once the jaw has healed.

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