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Dental Technology – Terms to know before you go.

Being a dental patient can be overwhelming, we know. Everything from general anxiety to worries about cost and insurance can lead you to put off appointments (or even lose sleep!). On top of all that, there are a lot of terms and new technology thrown around with which you might not be familiar. The team at Dental Solutions of Columbus in Indiana is here to educate you and help prepare you for your dental appointment. Dental Solutions prides itself on being on the very cutting edge of dental technology and sharing the benefits of our knowledge with our patients. By the end of reading this post, you won’t be a dental technophobe any longer!


Galileos 3D Dental Technology

This x-ray imaging system is an awesome diagnostic tool that assists with implants. In mere moments, the scanner rotates around you and captures high-resolution 3D imagery to assist our dental team with seeing the entire relationship among teeth, bones, tissues, and more. This helps our diagnosis and improves treatment.


CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. But what does that mean, anyway?! This advanced system designs, creates, and helps place dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, and more. The major benefit is that all of this can be completed in a single dental visit, rather than spread out over several appointments like traditional methods. This technology works by utilizing a special camera that takes images of your teeth and then uses digial CAD/CAM software to design your restoration as well as mill it in office. What’s milling, you ask? This is the process of taking a block of ceramic material and using the design specs removes the unwanted material from the block. Think of it like professional whittling only you’re making a tooth rather than something like a wooden flute.


The study of Endodontics is a speciality that is recognized by top dental organizations such as the ADA (American Dental Association). Endodontics concerns the study of the soft tissue inside the tooth, commonly known as the pulp. There are a lot of blood vessels as well as nerves that go from the root to the crown. Without treatment, bacteria can flourish here and get inside the tooth and wreak havoc on the tissue.

NTI (Nocturnal of Trigeminal nociception inhibitor)

This revolution in treating headaches helps prevent teeth grinding. This FDA-approved device fits on your teeth while you’re catching your zzz’s. This drug-free headache relief will help you find relief when other methods have let you down.

Isolite® System

This tiny invention makes a huge difference for our dental patients. It’s a light that helps us better see your mouth without the shadows of a dental puppet show. Better vision for us means less time in the chair for you!

We hope this blog post has been informative for you, and check back for future installments in our Dental Technology series. In the meantime, need a dentist? We’re accepting new patients!

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