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Does My Toothpaste Need Fluoride to Be Effective?

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Fluoride is a mineral found in places like water and soil. Since the 1800s, we’ve known there’s a link between fluoride and healthy teeth! This mineral is especially important for kids and people with a history of tooth decay. Because it’s found in other sources, does it need to be in your toothpaste?

How Fluoride Works

First, let’s learn how fluoride helps your teeth. When you eat, the carbs and sugars in your food interact with the bacteria in your mouth. This creates acid, which weakens your enamel and makes your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Fluoride, along with the phosphate and calcium in your saliva, fights this acid and protects your teeth. Fluoride can even reverse tooth decay in its early stages!

Fluoride is put into many public water systems, but using toothpaste with fluoride is the easiest way to get what you need. ADA-approved toothpastes are required to have this mineral, so look for the ADA symbol. Fluoride is also found in small amounts in certain foods like spinach and potatoes.

Do I Need Toothpaste with Fluoride?

Fluoride toothpaste is beneficial for most people. There are many fluoride-free toothpaste brands out there, but you should only use them if you’re allergic to fluoride or getting enough fluoride from other sources. One possible sign of excessive fluoride is white streaks or brown spots on the teeth. Too much fluoride – which is known as fluorosis – is most common in kids between 12 and 15 years old. If you suspect that you’re getting enough or too much fluoride, please talk to us before switching your toothpaste.

Keep Your Smile Strong & Healthy at Dental Solutions of Columbus

To supplement toothpaste, we offer fluoride treatments at our Columbus office. Most insurance plans cover fluoride treatments for kids. While adults usually have to pay an affordable fee, fluoride helps prevent more expensive cavity treatment down the road. If you have any questions about our services or want to book an appointment, please contact us today!

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