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Foods that are Good for Teeth

Foods that are good for your teeth Five Foods that are Good for Teeth Keeping your Pearly Whites… Well, White Dental checkups and daily preventive practices like brushing and flossing are important factors in keeping your teeth healthy and clean. There are a lot of influencers on oral health, food being a key factor to consider. If you want to up your dental health by eating better, here are five foods to try for better oral hygiene. good-foods-for-teeth Apples Apples are great for your body, including your teeth! Their crunchy texture helps clean your teeth while you snack, and the juice inside the apple helps your body break down the natural sugars better. When mixed with your saliva, these sugars are able to pass through your mouth without getting stuck in your teeth and causing decay. An apple a day keeps the dentist away! Carrots Crunchy root vegetables give your teeth some extra polish by getting rid of plaque. Vegetables have very little sugar in general, and come in a variety of textures. Think of it as brushing with your dinner. The higher the water content (celery, for example), the more they wash your teeth while you chew. Chicken High protein foods like chicken provide important nutrients to your body for the upkeep of your teeth. Chicken is low in sugar and doesn’t easily get stuck between your teeth. If it does, there are few tooth-damaging qualities in chicken, so you’ll be safe until your next flossing. Milk Milk provides strength to your teeth in the form of calcium. Low-fat dairy foods like milk also contain phosphorous. These two nutrients protect the enamel of your teeth, fortifying them against cavities and decay.  Pears Like apples, pears have a crunchy, juicy texture that acts as a tooth-washing snack. They’re full of acid-neutralizing, bacteria-fighting goodness. Not to mention, they taste delicious! Contact Dr. Sitaram today to find out more about how you can take control of your oral health!
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