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Why Functional Orthodontics Is Important to Your Health

young woman learns about functional orthodontics at the dentist office

Many people turn to orthodontics because they want a straighter, more attractive smile. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, there are also plenty of other benefits to consider. There’s a whole world of functional orthodontics that can have a significant positive impact on your overall health. Let us tell you a little bit more about what we mean!

Functional Orthodontics 101

With functional orthodontics, we can go deeper than simply straightening the teeth and correcting the bite for aesthetics only. Essentially, we can figure out what’s actually causing the misalignment and correct it. One way of doing this for example is by developing or repositioning the jaw and readjusting facial symmetry, which will in turn have an effect on your so-called “oral posture” and smile.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics

The way your mouth functions isn’t just affected by the position of your teeth. How your lips rest against each other, where your tongue sits in your mouth, and the position and size of your jaw, can all play a role. With functional orthodontics, we can make sure that everything is in the place it needs to be to ensure that someone’s airway isn’t obstructed, that there’s enough room for all the adult teeth to come in, and more.

By doing so, we can help prevent health issues such as sleep apnea and TMJ disorder alongside facial aesthetics. Mentioning these two conditions is important because both can have long-term, negative side effects on both your dental and overall health if not treated properly.

Functional Orthodontics at Dental Solutions of Columbus

If you’d like to learn more about functional orthodontics and how it might help you or your child, then we invite you to schedule a consultation at Dental Solutions of Columbus. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have and come up with a personalized treatment plan for you. Feel free to contact us at Dental Solutions of Columbus today to get started!

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