What Is Gneuromuscular Dentistry?

Gneuromuscular dentistry combines the study of the jaw, which is called gnathology, with the study of the nerves and muscles that are associated with the jaw. The “g” in gneuromuscular comes from “gnathology;” “neuro”; means nerves, and “muscular” refers to the muscles of the jaw system. Gneuromuscular dentists like Dr. Sitaram focus on how the jaws and teeth come together when the mouth is closed. This position is referred to as bite or “occlusion.”

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Dr. Sitaram understands how occlusion can affect a patient’s mouth, head, neck, shoulders, and overall health and well-being, for better or for worse. He provides treatment in his Columbus, Indiana dental office to help patients achieve harmonious occlusion, or happy bites, for more health, harmony, and happiness in life.

Gneuromuscular Dentistry - Dental Solutions of Columbus IN

The traditional areas of dental treatment included in gneuromuscular dentistry that you might be familiar with are:

  • Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Comprehensive dental procedures meant to restore the entire mouth

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Occlusion Problems that Really Bite

The body wants to have proper occlusion and jaw posture. We feel best when the upper and lower arches of our teeth align with each other, and when the biting surfaces of our teeth fit together the way they’re supposed to. When the bite is misaligned or there are other issues with jaw posture, it can result in jaw popping and locking, headaches, facial pain, neck stiffness and pain, and shoulder aches among other problems that negatively impact overall health and comfort.

Some people who come to Dr. Sitaram for gneuromuscular dentistry treatment have been searching for relief for years, trying different kinds of practitioners and various types of therapy. Sometimes patients have been discouraged by people trying to explain away their symptoms and experiences. Patients commonly express how they wish they could have found this effective treatment option earlier. We’re glad you’ve found it!

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Gneuromuscular Treatment at Dental Solutions of Columbus IN

Gneuromuscular Treatment at Dental Solutions of Columbus

Dr. Sitaram has pursued intensive training in this progressive area of dentistry at Occlusion Connections®, the Center of Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Occlusal Advancement in Las Vegas. Lead by Dr. Clayton A. Chan, Dr. Sitaram is part of worldwide team of less than 50 dentists who have completed or are completing the entire seven-level Occlusion Connections curriculum. This wonderful group is called the “OC Special Group,” and Dr. Sitaram is extremely grateful for the blessing of associating with such exceptional, dedicated dental clinicians from around the world. He is set to finish the OC curriculum in 2015.

Occlusion Connections - Dental Solutions of Columbus

Powerful, Far-Reaching Benefits

The multi-discliplinary approach of gneuromuscular dentistry to temporomandibular disorder (TMD) therapy is powerful and has far-reaching benefits. How your jaws relate to one another is no small thing. From breathing and resting your mouth to chewing, swallowing, and talking, many essential daily activities center in the mouth. A disorder in this area can substantially lower quality of life. Likewise, a solution to the disorder can improve life quality and in some cases, exponentially so. Sports performance can even be enhanced by a gneuromuscular bite, subsequent breathing improvements, and also enriched harmony within the body.

Airways and TMJ

The Physiology of the Airway & TMJ

Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Athletic Performance

In addition to providing gneuromuscular orthodontic mouth appliances, as a certified AgilityGuard™ dentist, Dr. Sitaram can also custom-fit an AgilityGuard athletic mouthpiece for you to bring out performance potential in you that you might not have even thought possible.

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