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If you’ve had a dental crown placed in the past or have been told recently that you need one, you’re probably familiar with the traditional process that involves an external dental lab for fabrication and a series of appointments for fit adjustments. This process can take weeks. Some dental treatment requires multiple appointments and when that’s the case, we believe your oral health is worth the investment of your time. If, however, the desired end result can be achieved in fewer appointments, that means less time, less hassle, and more comfort for you! We wanted to bring these benefits to our patients of Dental Solutions in Columbus, so we incorporated CEREC one-visit dentistry into our practice as an integral part of the way we serve you and your family. CEREC has been blessing the lives of our patients for years!

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CEREC One-Visit Crowns Columbus IN

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Using this leading-edge technology, we can design, make, and place dental restorations in only one office visit. If you need a crown, inlay, onlay, or even a veneer, we have the capability to provide turnkey treatment in most cases. You can come into our Columbus dental office needing a restoration, and you can leave with it in your mouth! Less time in the dental chair is undoubtedly more convenient, and this system increases comfort as well. Great news: those uncomfortable impression trays with messy goo in your mouth are a thing of the past when we use CEREC! The system’s technology gathers all the information we need digitally. In addition, plastic temporary crowns aren’t known to be the most comfortable. When you get your beautiful new CEREC crown the same day, there’s no need for wearing a temporary while outside lab work is done.


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Dental Crowns Columbus IN

How Does CEREC Work?

Using a special camera called CEREC Omnicam, the latest and greatest version of CEREC’s camera, we can stream digital color images of the tooth and area of the mouth needing to be repaired. Working with these images, we use CEREC’s CAD/CAM software to digitally design a custom dental restoration. The next step is an onsite computer-aided milling process that is precise, ensuring a natural-feeling fit when we bond the newly made restoration to the tooth. A block of strong, biocompatible porcelain ceramic material that matches the color of your other healthy teeth is inserted into our CEREC milling unit and then machined to exact design specifications sent from the computer program. After only 15 minutes or so, your restoration will be ready to be placed. You can even watch it be milled if you want!

Before bonding the restoration to your tooth, we polish it and inspect it carefully to make sure it is up to our high standards of excellence. We love to combine the science and art of dentistry to deliver restorations that feel as good as, or better than your natural teeth!

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Smile to the Max with IPS e.max® Crowns

The metal-free, all-ceramic material we use for crowns made in our CEREC milling machine is part of the IPS e.max system by Ivoclar Vivadent. This system has proven itself time and again after 40 million bio-friendly restorations and counting, 10 years of clinical evidence, and high crown “survival rates.” Recently, results from 20 different clinical studies were compiled, representing more than 1,000 restorations, and the resulting overall success rate for the IPS e.max system was 97%! We think that you and your smile deserve this kind of success.

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GALILEOS 3D X-rays - Dental Solutions of Columbus


The GALILEOS 3D x-ray imaging system is a very beneficial diagnostic and treatment planning tool for one-visit dentistry. Its digital x-ray scanner is mounted on a mechanical arm that rotates around as the scanner projects x-rays in a computer-controlled, cone-shaped beam. In seconds, all needed data is collected during one complete pass of the scanner. The detailed images can be viewed on a computer monitor in varying angles and views, including 2D, 3D, and panorama. It’s totally cool! These 3D x-rays allow us to see more of patients’ teeth, bones, tissues, nerves, and airways than ever before. The CEREC and GALILEOS systems make such a dynamic technological combination that we literally never cease to get excited about the benefits they bring to our patients. We can digitally plan entire procedures with such detail that when we perform the actual treatment, it is amazingly predictable and we can better achieve the desired results. We invite you to come experience the difference.

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