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Maintaining Quality Oral Health with Orthodontics

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Dental hygiene is so important when you’re going through orthodontic treatment. When you have appliances such as metal braces or clear aligners over your teeth, it’s vital to take the extra time to ensure that your teeth and gums are getting properly cleaned and cared for. Here are some pointers to help you maintain great oral health while straightening your smile!

Avoid Sticky, High-Sugar Foods

We recommend avoiding sticky and sugary foods while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Sticky foods such as taffy, caramel, or gum can get lodged in your orthodontic appliances or between your teeth. It’s harder to reach them while cleaning and can lead to cavities and tooth decay. High-sugar foods are also something you should eat with caution. Since cleaning teeth is difficult with orthodontics, the sugar may potentially get missed and start to eat away at your tooth enamel.

Make a Strong Oral Hygiene Regimen

Talk to your dentist about getting special cleaning tools to help you access those “hard-to-reach” areas of your smile. Regular brushing and flossing are key to avoiding a series of dental health problems during orthodontic treatment. If you get braces, your dentist will show you some tips on how to brush around them and floss to ensure you aren’t leaving anything behind.

Attend Regular Dental Visits

If you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, reach out to your dentist right away. If you do have a dental issue, the sooner your dentist can treat it, the better. Never let your dental problems go untreated, especially while straightening your teeth. In addition to your adjustment appointments, make sure you still have your biannual teeth cleaning and exam in place so that your dentist can clean anything you may have missed!

Are you ready to regain a healthy, straight smile or do you have questions about caring for your oral health with orthodontics? Please contact our team to set up a consultation!

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