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What Kinds of Jaw Injuries Require Surgery?

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Trauma to the mouth can be devastating for your health and self-confidence. The jawbone is the strongest bone in the face and one of the hardest bones in your body. Despite this strength, there are times that the jaw undergoes trauma so severe it requires surgery.

Fractures & Dislocation

The most common injury that requires surgery is a fracture of the lower jaw. When the fracture is severe enough, it can require surgical intervention to realign and stabilize the jaw. Fractures of the midface can require surgery if they cause a deformity.

Dislocation in and of itself doesn’t usually require surgery. However, if a patient is experiencing repeating jaw dislocations, your doctor may need to surgically stabilize the jaw.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, sometimes referred to as TMJ or TMD, are disorders of the joint where the jawbone meets your skull. Those with TMJ often experience pain, headaches, lockjaw, and other symptoms depending on the severity.

While rare, there are times when TMJ symptoms are severe enough to require surgery. Surgery for TMJ is often a last resort for doctors. If a patient feels consistently intense pain or immobility that interferes with their ability to eat or drink, the doctor may recommend surgery.

Infections, Tumors, & Cysts

While not an injury in the way many may think of jaw injuries, infections, tumors, and cysts are complications that can require surgery for a patient. If an infection of the tooth is left unchecked, it can migrate to the jawbone and cause damage unless surgical intervention takes place to rein in the infection.

Tumors and cysts are abnormal growths that can occur anywhere in or on your body. Sometimes, these growths can interfere with jaw function or even be cancerous. In these instances, your doctor will need to surgically remove and examine the growths.

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