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Can Older Dental Sealants & Fillings Be Repaired?

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While as much as we’d like to fix up your smile to the point that you never have to worry about visiting a dentist again, that’s simply not the way things work. Even if you’ve received exceptional dental treatment, dental work does have a lifespan due to the normal wear and tear that comes with everyday life. Yes, that old saying that “nothing lasts forever” certainly rings true!

The good news, however, is that dental work can be repaired and replaced. If it has been a while since you first received your restorative or cosmetic treatment, you may start to notice some signs that it’s time for a refresh. Two treatments, in particular, where this comes into play are with dental sealants and fillings.

Repairing a Dental Sealant

Dental sealants last for a few years until they start getting loose and wearing down. When this happens, they’re not as effective at protecting the teeth. The CDC says that sealants protect against 80% of cavities for two years and then 50% of cavities for up to four years.

If your sealant needs replacing, we can easily remove the sealant that is left, clean the area, and place a new sealant as necessary.

Repairing a Dental Filling

How long a dental filling lasts depends on which kind of filling you have: amalgam (silver) or composite (tooth-colored). Silver fillings generally last longer than tooth-colored fillings. You may see that it’s time to repair a dental filling when there’s some staining around the edge, any signs of chipping or cracking, or it has fully fallen out. A filling often lasts between seven to 15 years.

If your filling is in need of repair, call the dentist as soon as possible so they can check the structure of your tooth and replace the filling with either another one or a more durable dental crown.

We Can Fix It!

At Dental Solutions of Columbus, we don’t just provide sealants and fillings as part of our services—we can also repair them! Even if you originally received your dental sealant or filling from a different dentist, we can still take a look and handle whatever needs to be fixed. Just call or email us today to set up your appointment!

Contact us to learn more about the services we provide! We look forward to hearing from you!

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