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Sleep Guides in Columbus, IN

From children to adults to the elderly, any age group can have trouble going to or staying asleep. At Columbus Dental Solutions, we believe all of our patients deserve a good night's sleep, and we've created guides to help you do just that. If you have any questions, please contact our office or schedule a sleep consultation with Dr. Sitaram!

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Sleep Guide for Children

Proper sleep is vital for a child's growth, development, and learning. If your little one is having trouble getting the sleep they need, our guide offers insights into what the cause may be, and ways to improve their sleep.

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Sleep Guide for Seniors

As you age, your sleep architecture shifts which causes you to spend more time in a light sleep as opposed to deep or REM sleep. Many factors contribute to this shift in your sleep dynamic. Our guide discusses the causes of interrupted sleep in seniors, potential health risks, and solutions for getting more high-quality sleep.

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Sleep Guide for Shift Workers

As many as 8.6 million Americans are shift workers such as doctors, police officers, emergency workers, and more. Because of their odd or extended hours, they are prone to developing sleep work disorder which often prevents them from getting quality rest. If you're a shift worker, our sleep guide offers tips and tricks to developing proper habits and bettering your sleep.

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Sleep Guide for Chronic Snoring

Is your severe snoring keeping you or a loved one up at night? If so, check out our guide to the ins and outs of snoring to learn more about potential causes and how you can reduce or stop it altogether.

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