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Straighter Teeth in Six Months

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Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? Not many people are born with aligned teeth. Most people are born with some level of crookedness that they wish they could correct, whether on their top teeth, their bottom teeth, or both! You would be amazed at how much a straight smile can really improve your look. With Six Month Smiles®, we can get you a beautiful, straight smile in no time. Imagine: just six months from now you could have the smile of your dreams. So why wait?

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is a type of accelerated braces that gently reposition your teeth into a more desirable alignment. This braces program is great for teens because, by the end of a school semester, their teeth will be aligned! Similarly, Six Month Smiles is perfect for adults who are a bit shy about wearing braces when they’re older.

These braces are also much less visible than traditional metal braces. Their wires are thinner and the brackets are tooth-colored, so braces aren’t the first thing people notice when you smile. Plus, with these braces you have fewer appointments and readjustments, so that means less time out of school or out of work.

Time for a New Lease on Life

A new smile will change your life in unexpected ways. With more confidence, self-assuredness, and self-esteem, you’ll be able to tackle things that you weren’t able to before. Whether it’s with dating, pursuing work opportunities, or even just feeling confident when meeting new people, your new smile will improve your life. This new confidence is especially beneficial for teenagers, who are going through one of the most difficult, self-conscious periods of their lives. If your teenager is embarrassed or shy because of their crooked teeth, then you can truly transform their lives in just six months with a more attractive, aligned smile.

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