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The team at Columbus Dental Solutions is proud to offer top-of-the-line care thanks to our advanced dental technologies. With advancements in dentistry, we're able to ensure that our treatments are as effective and efficient as possible.

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Digital X-Rays

Rather than traditional X-rays with the sharp and uncomfortable X-ray film and the time required to develop the film, we use digital X-rays. Our team is able to begin any necessary treatment right away since images are available almost immediately on our computers. Some studies have shown that digital X-rays emit up to 90% less radiation, making them safe for most of our patients.

We use digital X-rays to diagnose:

  • Small amounts of decay between teeth and below restorations
  • Deep cavities
  • Infections in teeth or the jawbone
  • Gum disease deep within the gums
  • Abscesses and cysts
  • Some types of tumors and signs of oral cancer


Our GALILEOS 3D X-ray system lets us take a close look at your teeth and jawbone in 2D, 3D, and panorama. Between all of these views, we can get a good idea of the relationships between your teeth, bones, nerves, muscles, and other tissues. This means we can develop a treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to your needs and provide truly comprehensive dental care.

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CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

You no longer have to visit our office multiple times to get a dental crown placed. Instead, we can use the CEREC® one-day crown system to design, mill, and place a crown in just one visit to our office.

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Digital Imaging: Smile Preview Software

Want to know what your new smile is going to look like before we even begin a treatment? Our team can use digital imaging to give you a preview of your smile! In fact, we will use this smile preview software and work with you to design your dream smile. We start with a digital photo of your mouth as it currently is, and then manipulate it to show you with whiter, straighter, or completely different teeth. Once you're satisfied with the image, we can then design your treatment plan around your goals.

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Isolite® Patient Comfort System

Tired of leaving the dentist's office with a sore jaw? The Isolite system is a dental technology that not only gives you a place to rest your jaw while we work, but also lights up your mouth making it easier for us to work. There's also no need for cotton rolls or rinse breaks with the Isolite. You'll spend less time in the dental chair and leave with a healthier smile.

Intraoral Camera

This diagnostic tool allows us to take high-resolution pictures and videos of the inside of your mouth, so you can see what we see during your exam. Using the images and videos, we can give you a tour of your mouth and also walk you through any diagnosis and treatment plan.

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PerioLase® Laser Gum Therapy

Treating gum disease is a lot easier with PerioLase® laser gum treatments. Laser gum surgery is less invasive because there are no scalpels involved. This means that there aren't any stitches, either, so recovery is faster and more comfortable.

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Velscope Oral Cancer Screening

In 80 to 90% of cases, oral cancer is curable when caught early enough. At Columbus Dental Solutions, we offer Velscope oral cancer screenings which allow us to perform more thorough screenings of oral tissues. In its early stages, oral cancer can be easily missed because the cancerous tissues look so similar to non-cancerous ones. With Velscope's light technology, we can more easily identify tissue abnormalities that may lead to oral cancer.

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