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5 Mistakes People Make When Brushing Teeth

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Brushing your teeth is one of the simplest things you can do to care for your teeth and preserve your oral health. However, brushing the wrong way can be ineffective at best — and actually create new dental problems at its worst! To help you and your family ensure that you’re brushing the right way, our team at Dental Solutions of Columbus has compiled the following list of common mistakes people make when they’re brushing their teeth.

  1. Using an Old Toothbrush
  2. Think fast — how old is your toothbrush? If it’s more than three or four months old (or if you don’t remember!), it’s time for a replacement. The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if you notice that the bristles have frayed.

  3. Brushing Too Hard
  4. While elbow grease may be the key to removing messes around the home, that’s not the case for brushing your teeth! Brushing too vigorously can damage your enamel and irritate your gums, leading to tooth sensitivity and receding gums. For a good cleaning that doesn’t create more problems, gently brush your teeth — and be sure you’re using a soft-bristled brush!

  5. Not Enough Toothpaste
  6. Toothpaste cleans your teeth, freshens your breath, and can even strengthen your enamel. To get the full benefit, make sure you’re using the recommended quantity each time you brush: typically a pea-sized amount.

  7. In a Rush to Finish
  8. We get it — brushing your teeth is probably not the most exciting part of your day. However, thorough brushing is much more effective at preventing cavities and other common dental problems. You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time to get the maximum benefit.

  9. Forgetting the Gum Line
  10. When you brush your teeth, don’t forget to also gently brush your gum line. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of bacteria and acid, which eventually form into plaque and tartar that irritate gums, can cause them to recede, and can even lead to infection. Incorporate brushing your gums into brushing your teeth to keep your gums healthy.

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