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Why Do I Grind My Teeth?

Bruxism is the medical term for the chronic grinding and clenching of teeth during the night or day. The habit frequently causes headaches, a sore jaw, vertigo, worn teeth, enamel loss, facial distortions, joint disorders and even arthritis. Specially designed mouth guards can successfully curb the effects of teeth grinding and prevent further damage from developing.

How Can Mouth Guards Help Teeth Grinding?

Mouth guards, also called dental guards or occlusal splints, are usually constructed of hard acrylic or a softer rubber like material. If you chronically grind your teeth every night and your partner complains about the excessive noise of your teeth grating together, then you will benefit from a mouth guard manufactured from a hard, rigid material because it provides more support and protection to the teeth and joints. Some people only clench their jaw and moderately grinds their teeth on and off throughout the night. If you are not a chronic grinder, then a guard constructed from a cushioning rubber substance helps protect your teeth from enamel loss.

Stress Can Cause Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is not strictly a problem that occurs only during the night. Many people grind their teeth during the day such as when they are under stress, concentrating on a project or reading. If during the day you grind your teeth, especially subconsciously, then you might want to consider wearing a lightweight mouth guard when you are awake to prevent yourself from inadvertently grinding your teeth during times of stress. Chronic daytime teeth grinding frequently causes mid-day tension headaches and pain in the facial and neck muscles.

stress teeth grinding

Why Custom Dental Guards are Best

At various drug stores or online, you can purchase a pre-made dental guard, but having a custom guard designed and professionally fitted is the best option to successfully battle bruxism and the health effects the habit causes. Dr. Sitaram will make a mold of your teeth and construct a mouth guard that fits the unique angles of your mouth and bite. The guard will be custom-built in the dental office or laboratory. A professionally constructed dental guard does not slip off your teeth and offers a firm, comfortable fit with no sharp edges or areas of concern that might cause you pain.

If you think that you might suffer from bruxism, call Dr. Sitaram today for a dental check-up! Call us today or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to see your smile.

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