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Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Run?

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When you go out for a run, you expect that certain things may hurt a bit – perhaps your back, legs, knees, or feet – but rarely, if ever, would you expect your teeth to hurt. If you are experiencing tooth pain when running, there are several reasons this could be happening.


Many people have temperature sensitivity in their teeth. If your teeth are bothered by the cold, consider wearing a mask made specifically for running in colder temperatures. Additionally, if you have an infection or a crack in your tooth, extreme temperatures can make the pain worse.

Gritting Your Teeth or Jaw

Sometimes the temperatures can make you grit your teeth, but just the work of running can also cause you to unconsciously clamp down. This, in turn, causes tooth and jaw pain. Some people find that a mouth guard worn during their run helps to lessen the impact.

Infection or Cavities

Infections and cavities can be irritated and become inflamed when running because of the increase in blood flow throughout the body, causing more noticeable pain.

Food Trapped in Teeth

When food is trapped between teeth, it irritates the gums and causes inflammation. Increased blood flow while running can cause throbbing and increased discomfort in areas where food is trapped. Be sure you’re flossing well in order to avoid food particles remaining between teeth, which also will cause further decay if not removed properly and promptly.

Abscessed Tooth

An abcess occurs when there is an infection in or around the root of your teeth. As you run, the jarring of your body will cause pain to occur where the abscess is. Your dentist – or sometimes a specialist called an endodontist – will perform a root canal to clean out the infection.

Cracked Tooth

Damage to the tooth enamel can cause pain because the nerves in your teeth become exposed. Breathing through your mouth may allow air to hit the nerves through a crack. Nerves are highly sensitive, and a cracked tooth always requires a visit to your dentist.

Sinus Infection

When your sinuses are blocked, an infection can be present. The pressure from the sinus area sits right on top of your teeth and can cause inflammation in the area, making it feel as if your teeth are the culprit of the pain. Again, this often occurs due to the jarring of your body as you run.

Here at Dental Solutions of Columbus, we offer a variety of dental services and treatments that allow us to find the perfect solution for your particular dental needs. If you are noticing tooth pain during or after your run sessions, contact us to set up an appointment right away. We’ll get you back out on the path without tooth pain in no time!

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