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Do Young People Need Dental Implants?

Discussions about dental implants most often revolve around adults. However with sports injuries, falls, and unfortunate genetics, we’re finding there are plenty young people who may need a potential implant procedure. If your loved one is missing teeth or experiencing severe pain, the question is a wise one: Do young people need dental implants?

Thankfully, Dr. Sitaram and the team at Columbus Dental Solutions are a fabulous resource for your question. As always, it’s very important to consult with a professional on such issues. Dr. Sitaram, for example, is a dentist who makes it his aim to attend the clinics and continuing education courses to stay up-to-date on all current technologies and practices. This continuing education equips him with the newest information, technology and discoveries in dentistry. With this expert advice and an in-office consultation, you will have clarity as to whether to move forward or to refrain from the implant procedure at this time. For now, here is the most important thought to consider.

Implants Instead of Bridges

In 2009 the New York Times published an article about how dental implants are now the mainstay replacement options over bridges. The author discusses how his hometown didn’t have fluoridated water, and by his 20s, he had already lost his first molar to decay. Consequently, he got a bridge that required replacement several times over subsequent decades. It was hard to floss and clean the bridge, leading to a severe periodontal infection, and lead to the decision to get a dental implant.

When he went to a young periodontist, the periodontist told him that in the majority of cases, tooth loss is replaced with dental implants, which are the best long-term solution for maintaining a healthy mouth. This last point is of particular importance for young people. Dental implants do not decay and prevent bone loss from the missing tooth. This procedure is more in-depth , but over the lifetime of the tooth, you will be glad for the time and money you invested in it.

What Happens After the Tooth Extraction?

If you have a tooth pulled, we can place the implant right away, and this will actually limit the amount on bone loss in that area of the jaw. If the bone is not being stimulated, it will break down and result in bone loss. With bone loss and a weaker jaw, you will have more dental problems down the road, and this is why tooth replacement is so important, especially for young people who have their whole lives ahead of them.

Discuss Your Concerns at a Consultation

Columbus Dental Solutions is equipped and ready to relieve your fears, discuss options, and explain additional services offered to help reduce anxiety, nerves, and discomfort. Rest assured, you won’t handle the decision on your own. It’s a team effort, and we look forward to serving you and your family soon.

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Dental Solutions of Columbus