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Why Replacing a Missing Tooth Is Always Worth It

When you’ve lost a tooth, it can be tempting to leave your smile as is if you aren’t experiencing any discomfort or the missing tooth is inconspicuous. It’s important to remember that your teeth play important roles in the function of your smile, bite, and body outside the aesthetic. Read our blog post to find out why it is always worth it to have a missing tooth replaced.

How the Dentist Uses Plasma for Faster Healing

Our office is always searching for ways to improve the patient experience and provide the highest quality of dental care possible. One leading-edge procedure we’re proud of is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Read our blog post to learn how we use plasma for faster healing with this modern treatment!

How We Can Fix Your Chronic Sleeping Issues

From everyday stressors to underlying illnesses, there’s a lot that can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. But did you know that you can find the solution to more restful and restorative sleep right at your dentist’s office? Check out our blog post to learn how we can help!

Signs & Treatment for Gum Disease

When most people think about their oral health, they focus on their teeth. However, gums also play a vital role in maintaining a healthy smile! Gums are the gateway to your oral and overall health, and it’s important to make sure that they don’t get placed on the backburner. If they do, the chances for … Continued
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Dental Solutions of Columbus