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What to Expect After Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent, versatile tooth replacement! They’re made from a small titanium post and an artificial tooth such as a crown, bridge, or dentures. The procedure requires surgery, so what should you expect after getting dental implants? Read our blog post for answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is the Purpose of My Wisdom Teeth?

At the very back of your mouth, you have a third set of molars called “wisdom teeth.” Most people get these teeth between 15-25 years old. While they aren’t a problem for some people, many need their wisdom teeth removed. Read our blog post to learn about the original purpose of wisdom teeth.

Post-Op Wisdom Teeth Care

Wisdom tooth extraction can be a rite of passage or a relief from persistent jaw pain due to impacted teeth. Whichever way you view wisdom teeth removal, one thing will always be shared — post-op wisdom teeth care. Read our blog post for tips!

How Your Blood Can Help You Heal Faster From Oral Surgery

We take great pride in staying on the leading edge of dentistry by investing in and researching state-of-the-art treatments and technologies. One of the treatments we’re incredibly passionate about is Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy. Read our blog post to learn more about what it can do for our patients and their healing process after dental work!

Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist for Oral Surgery?

Due to the COVID-19, much of our activities these days involve looking up regulations, weighing the risk, and assessing our own comfort level. One such activity that has come up in discussion a lot recently is visiting the dentist. Check out our blog post to find out how safe it is to visit the dentist, especially for something like oral surgery.

The Difference a Certified Oral Surgeon Makes

Are you in need of oral surgery and looking for the right dentist to do the job? Some general dentists perform oral surgeries. However, certified oral surgeons have received extensive training to perform a wide range of oral surgery treatments. Check out our blog post where we discuss what sets oral surgeons apart from general dentists.
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