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Improve Your Sleep With Myofunctional Therapy

We’re willing to bet that if we polled our patients to ask whether they’d like to improve the quality of their sleep, the answer would be a resounding “Yes!”. We have some good news: myofunctional therapy can improve your sleep quality. Read our blog post to learn about this versatile therapy.

How Myofunctional Therapy Can Improve Your Health

What comes to mind when you think of services you get at a dentist’s office? Teeth cleanings, dental fillings, wisdom teeth removal… and myofunctional therapy? Chances are not the last one! While myofunctional therapy isn’t part of the average suite of dental services, our Columbus dental office takes pride in offering this advanced therapy to our patients. Read our blog post for details.

The Stages of Sleep

Check out our blog post to learn about the 5 stages of sleep, which include non-REM and rapid eye movement stages. Proper sleep is essential for a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Contact us for help treating your snoring and sleep apnea!

How Does Technology Affect Sleep?

Read our blog post to learn about how to limit the effects of blue light, overstimulation, Wifi, and unexpected sounds on your sleep. A good night’s sleep is great for your oral health. Contact our dental practice with all your oral care questions and to schedule your next dental cleaning and checkup!
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Dental Solutions of Columbus